Science Center Beograd

Stadiu: concurs

Echipa: cristian boltres/theodor murgu/ simona ciupuliga

Amplasare: Serbia, Beograd


Science Centre of the Republic of Serbia, Beograd


Keeping the local tradition, the placement of the buildings is based on an orthogonal grid displacement covered with vegetation.

This undergoing contributes to the creation of micro landmarks with a 40m x 40m size.

The original concept was to create a natural sound protection barrier for the future institutions but in the same time not to turn the back to the city.

The shape of the complex allows us to provide the necessary space for the the Science Centre and also to work as a micro topography that combines all neighbored institutions and public building. 

The conceptual basis for this approach was to protect the area from the noise produced by major arteries in the vicinity  also this not be done trying to get back behind the town and area.
This idea together with the desire to create an area for education and science connected to the contemporary and current trends in terms of energy sustainability, led us to cover the entire area with a vegetation cover on filling in some situations, in other situations as 1m on building a protective.